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The Plant Pyramid can hold up to 5x more plants per square foot
allowing you to grow heatlhy, organic vegetables and herbs in a small space.

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Life begins the day you start a garden!

Plant Pyramids offer a simple solution to everyday gardening challenges.

Get More From Your Garden

The Plant Pyramid is a versatile planter that can be used for vegetables or flowers or any combination of the two. Its patented design allows the plants’ root system to benefit from the volume of available soil to achieve their full growth potential.

By raising the garden off the ground, it's easier to take care of the plants. It makes them accessible for gardening with physical limitations and reduces the overall time spent maintaining your garden.

My 3 level is planted with some herbs and edible flowers which I use for my cooking. It's great to have fresh ingredients.

Joe McGill, Montreal

Planter Full

Make it your own!

Plant Pyramids are great for growing fresh herbs, vegetables or flowers. Make it your own by planting your favorites.

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I love my Pyramid. I plant it full of fresh herbs and some leafy greens! It looks great!

Lola M, St-Hubert

Planting Templates

Built in the USA

Plant Pyramids are build in Maine using high quality red cedar and stainless steel attachments. Cedar is naturally rot resistant so your pyramid will last for years without any treatment.

We guarantee all of our work so if you are unsatisfied with your pyramid, we will replace it or refund you, no questions asked.

I was able to assemble my Pyramid in just a couple of minutes. It was very simple and I didn't need any tools.

Jessica Sarah, Halifax

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